Mark Milroy was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and grew up in St. Thomas, Ontario. He received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has exhibited in galleries in New York City, Brooklyn, Chicago, LA, Sag Harbor, and Canada. His work has been featured in Columbia: A Journal of Art & Literature and New York Metropolis, and in the Absolut Vodka advertising campaign. Milroy’s work has been written about in CityArts Magazine, Domino Magazine, The East Hampton Star, New York Arts Magazine, The New York Sun, The New York Times, Tokion Magazine, The Washington Post, and Dan’s Papers, among others.

Despite the expressionist handling of paint and the exaggerated features, we can feel the sitter’s private desire to be understood, not simply recorded.
— Julia Morton, City Arts Magazine

Milroy first began painting portraits in college while working at an association for adults living with mental illness and developmental disabilities in London, Ontario. The association’s social workers would often bring the individuals to Milroy’s studio to sit for portraits, and he learned to capture their unique expressions and personalities. He has been fascinated by the psychological aspects of portraiture ever since, pouring his discoveries into the faces and bodies of the sitters, as well as into the clothes and backgrounds of his canvases.


Selected Collections

Cleveland Medical Clinic, Cleveland, OH
St. Thomas Public Art Centre, St. Thomas, Ont
Edward A. Hogikyan, New York, NY
Mira & Erimar von der Osten, Berlin, Germany
Christian F Tress, San Diego, CA
Thomas Duggan, Chicago, Ill
Al Pacino, New York, NY
Dr. Brian Mehling, New York, NY
Lisa Lafrance, Arlington, VA
Rebecca Postian Carnegie, London, Ontario
Marty & Cricket Taplin, Miami Fl,
Dr. Holly Andersen, New York, NY
Alison Schneider, New York, NY
Pamela Remick Berick, New York, NY

Douglas Crase, New York, NY
Joan & George Hornig, New York, NY
Norton & Dianna Blumenthal, New York, NY
Linda Gelfond, New York, NY
Laura Moore, New York, NY
Christian Keesee, Oaklahoma City, OK
Fred Tanne, New York, NY
Pennell Whitney, New York, NY
Daniel & Carol Paik, New York, NY
Duckie Brown, New York, NY
Martin Bourne, Brooklyn, NY
Michael Achenbaum, New York, NY
Carol Costello, Brooklyn, NY
Chris Lukas, New York,  NY